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7. Longing for Making a Deep and Lasting Impact

Intuitively, we want to make an impact.

Most people can't stand the idea that the length of their existence can be summed up in a few lines carved on a tombstone.

Knowing that we have limited time in this life, we all desire to make a difference that will last far beyond our moment in time, thereby confirming that our lives have meaning beyond the end of our days on earth.

God designed us to make an impact for eternity.

The urge to make a big impact includes the urge to be heroic .

- We yearn to share with people what transforms them.
- We love to do what makes the people we love happy.
- We like to help and receive a thank you, because with that we have the feeling that we are impacting someone.

The word Legacy is closely related to this theme. In school, in church, in communities we hear stories of people who made a difference in their generation and time and there is a desire within us to do the same.

Let’s look at some aspects of this yearning:

1) Faithfulness in the little things

In this process of wanting to make a deep and lasting impact, we see God calling us to be faithful in the little things.

Sometimes we want to pursue what seems to be meaningful to us, while undervaluing faithfulness in small things.

For some, being faithful in small things is synonymous with insignificance or total irrelevance.

“A lasting impact will not come through pride and promotion. Rather, it is the result of a meek and humble life” - Deborah Hiebert

2) Why are we here?

We are not here by chance.
God is looking for people who will partner with Him to fulfill His purposes on earth.

God is looking for people who want to make a deep and lasting impact, people who will partner with Him on a much greater level than just working a job or pursuing personal happiness.

We are very important to God, but we only have lasting importance as we walk in obedience to God's will for our lives.

The yearning to make a deep and lasting impact is partially satisfied when we become involved in changing the lives of others.

3) Making a difference in the lives of others

Our God-given desire includes our yearning to contribute to the lives of others.

The most common desire as parents is to impact our children's lives permanently.

We hope that even when we are not here, our children will reflect on what they have learned from us.

We also have an impulse to make a difference to friends and co-workers.

It's all part of God's great plan to share His heart with us.

4) Sharing what Impacted us

Whenever something has a big impact on us, we are driven to share.

We are moved to share with others what brings us joy.

Our sense of relevance is often associated with doing something that excites others.

The idea of contributing to changing the trajectory of someone else's life is irresistible.

5) Fulfilling God's Call Through Influence

People who are influential have the ability to affect people's long-term decisions and the quality of life of others. They have the ability to produce lasting changes in people's hearts and behavior.

And anyone who has given even a glass of cold water to one of these little ones, in the name of a disciple, truly I say to you, he will in no way lose his reward. Matthew 10:42
Therefore, I say to you: use the wealth of this ungodly world to win friends, so that when it ends, they will receive you in the eternal abodes. Luke 16:9

6) The Nature of Deep, Lasting Impact

Serving is the way to make a lasting impact.

There will never be another you in human history. We were created to impact those around us today and for eternity.

We are called to make an impact in this life and the age to come.

The humanity we work hard to develop in this life will contribute to determining our role in the millennial kingdom and the eternal age.

The Lord knows what we were created for. He wrote the story that demands people do big things and then he put those deep desires within us. The Holy Spirit bears witness within us as we yearn to be people who do meaningful things in God's eyes. Great things can be achieved by those who love God with all their hearts.


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